Metastatic Breast Cancer Engagement Project Outputs

When completed all written outputs associated with this project (metastatic breast cancer engagement conference and webinars) will be posted here for sharing. Recordings of webinars and conference sessions will be posted here.

Outputs will include:

·      Lists to guide the funding of patient-centered metastatic breast cancer research: top metastatic breast cancer patient-desired outcomes, top comparative effectiveness research (CER) priorities in the form of CER questions that address relevant patient-desired clinical outcomes and patient-reported outcomes, and top translational metastatic breast cancer research priorities

·      Materials that other organizations and individual metastasis stakeholders can use to facilitate patient-centered metastatic breast cancer research: lists of current barriers for metastasis stakeholders to engaging in patient-centered research, recordings of all webinars and conference sessions, stakeholder “Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER) Summary Sheet” addressing the value of clinical CER and providing a comparison of CER to phase III trials

·      Directory of metastatic community members willing to engage with researcher/clinician members of the MRS to guide the development of patient-centered projects/grants
****The directory is currently open for participation in by metastatic patients and advocates.  Members of the metastatic community may join any time.



This project was funded through a Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) Eugene Washington PCORI Engagement Award (6102-MRS).